Couple as Hosts Wording


Wording For When The Happy Couple Are Hosting

Not all couples bow to tradition, choosing to host their own wedding day – and foot the bill – themselves.  If this is the case, your parents’ details can be omitted from the invite so that it comes direct from you.   The basic wording can be similar to the Traditional or Civil examples already given – just put yourselves as hosts instead of your parents.

Invites direct from the couple getting married tend to be less formal.  As an example:

Join us to celebrate our wedding!






Followed by drinking and dancing


RSVP by 15th May to {couple’s address}


Alternative wording could include:

{Couple} are getting hitched!

{Couple} invite you to join them as they say “I do”

Please join {Couple} as we tie the knot!

{Couple} invite you to share in our joy as we get married

The wedding of {Couple} followed by location, time and date details (very simplistic)



Stephanie & Robin
request the pleasure of the company of

Mum & Dad

on the occasion of their marriage
on Saturday 17th June 2021
at 3 o’clock

Ceremony and reception to be held at
The London Hotel
Edinburgh Lane, Clifton,
Bristol, BS3 4DN

23 Windsor Drive
Swindon Village
GL26 5BM