Linked Hearts Place Cards

Linked Hearts Place Cards.  A striking modern design available on a choice of card, printed in a typeface of your choice.

Available in white or ivory hammered card (270gsm) or, for a more rustic feel, brown kraft card (280gsm).

The Place Cards are 10cm square and fold in half to stand up.

Minimum order quantity is 20 place cards.

Place cards ensure your guests know exactly where to be seated during the reception and can be printed in a font to match the rest of your wedding stationery.

We can also print the details of the meal courses, on the reverse, for each guest (10p extra) if they have selected their meal in advance of the wedding.

Alternatively if you wish to handwrite your own place cards then we can supply them blank.

Linked Hearts Place Cards are part of our  Linked Hearts Wedding Stationery.


45p each

Printed with guests names in a typeface of your  choice.

Menu selections can be printed on the reverse for an additional 10p each.  Please contact us for the format we need your information in.

10cm x 10cm Square (folded in half tent style)

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