Getting married soon? Take a look at these unusual wedding dresses

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Are you getting married soon? Surely you imagined yourself a thousand times in your wedding dress. You want to look bridal but yet somehow different.

When it comes to bridal wear, there are no real rules and any bride can wear any dress, or not-dress, on their wedding day.

Alternative wedding dresses are now just as popular as traditional gowns and the trend towards dresses in colours other than white or ivory are on the increase.

Breaking from wedding traditions can be really fun. If you don’t like the idea of wearing a stereotypical wedding dress, then you will love some of these designs we have picked out.

wedding dresses

Couture gowns are really worth considering if you are looking for an unusual wedding dress and this magnificent tulle design will certainly make an impression. The pale blue and gold patterns are so tasteful and we love the subtle incorporation of star shapes to bring some real glam to the bridal look.


wedding dresses

We are so blown away with how beautiful this gold dress. The colour is impeccable and we can honestly say that this dress is fit for a royal! The layering of underskirts and textures just adds to the luxurious look of the dress.

In many ways, a gold dress feels more “special” than a white one. Plus, gold has the potential be more flattering against some skin tones.


wedding dresses

This dress appears quite a traditional style until you kick up your heels at the reception to reveal a beautiful contrasting underskirt with matching shoes! It also makes twirling all that more exciting!


wedding dresses

Whether you’re a tomboy bride looking for something more you, a stylish girl planning to forge your own path down the aisle, or a same sex bride wanting to look a little different from your other half on your big day, there are lots of wedding dress alternatives that will let you look yourself, while still feeling glamorous, gorgeous, and special.

Jump suits the new wedding wardrobe.


wedding dresses

Wedding dress with roses.


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