Organising a Christening

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Organising a Christening

If you would like your child to be brought up as a Christian, then organising a christening is the first step.

However, these days, faith is not always the only motivation. A christening is also a great way to get the whole family together to celebrate your new arrival. As an alternative, your little one can be blessed and thanks can be given for his safe arrival into the world and then a christening can be held when your child is older and more able to understand what baptism involves. If you are unsure what to do, talk to friends who have gone down either route and seek advice from your local church.

Once you have decided to have a christening, the first step is to talk to your local vicar. You will need to find out whether a special service needs to be arranged or whether the christening will be part of a main Sunday service. Some churches may ask few questions apart from which day you’d like the ceremony on and the names of the godparents, while others will want more details about your own faith, baptism and those of the godparents.

While some clergy are quite relaxed about the parents’ own church attendance, others will expect to see you and your child on a regular basis before and after the christening.



Both girls and boys traditionally wear a long white or cream christening gown. It’s wonderful if you have a family gown that has been passed down through the generations. If you don’t, you could either try to find one in a shop that sells vintage or antique clothing or buy one new. Many large department stores will sell appropriate clothes for christenings. Alternatively, try one of the many websites that sell everything related to christenings, from clothes to invitations and paper plates.


Christening Tea

You might want a small tea reception of sandwiches and cakes after the service. However, if friends and family are coming from far a field, it might be a good idea to offer something more substantial.

Whatever the size of your Christening, Daisy Chain Invites have a varied choice of christening invitations to suit a small gathering of friends and family or a larger party.


Christening Invitations

All our christening invitations are available with ribbon, we stock both satin and organza and although most customers choose either a pale pink or pale blue ribbon for a boy or girl, we do stock over 40 colours. If you have having twins or groups of siblings christened then Lilac or Lemon ribbon are popular choices.

We can print your guests names on the christening invitations free of charge which saves you the worry of making a mistake or smudging them when writing them. We can also print your guests names and addresses on the envelopes which will save you time and we only charge 20p per envelope for this service.

We can supply luxury christening invitations, affordable christening invitations from 60p each, Baptism invitations or First Holy Communion invitations.