This age-old wedding tradition could soon be a thing of the past

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This age-old wedding tradition could soon be a thing of the past

This wedding tradition could soon be obsolete, as more and more brides are apparently choosing to go without bridesmaids.

The report found that brides are tending to have either fewer bridesmaids than we once did, or in some cases, none at all. This, they argue, is to do with having a more intimate ceremony, which focuses on the bride and the groom.

Other reasons brides could be choosing to go without bridesmaids might be to eliminate the difficult and often awkward nature of picking your chosen few, the cost involved in paying for their dresses or perhaps because women are tending to get married later in life and struggle to find adult women who want to take on the role.


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Of course, many former bridesmaids would be very happy to hear this news, with the experience sometimes being one they would rather forget. From the time-consuming, expensive pre-wedding rituals to the unflattering frock, there are many harrowing realities of being someone’s bridesmaid, even if it is your best friend’s big day.

All in all, it’s less stress for the bride, less stress for the bridesmaids and might be a win-win situation. However, the thought of losing this age-old wedding tradition does make us feel a little sad.

The report also identified dusty rose as the colour scheme of the season.  Dusky rose is a gorgeous colour for anything from invites and table runners to bridesmaid dresses and bouquets. It’s just as lovely and feminine as blush.


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