Fun Wedding Facts

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This week we’re bringing a little bit of fun to our blog, with our pick of wedding related facts.


Fact 1: Dance the night away to 52 tracks

Research suggests that 52 tracks is the ideal amount of songs to play at a 3-hour wedding reception. To create a great party atmosphere that will get your Granny grooving but still appeal to younger guests, choose a range of genres and tracks from the 50’s through to the present day. Also, if you have in mind the vibe you want to create on your big day you might also want to consider crafting a ‘do not play’ list to stop your DJ from getting carried away with too many crowd pleasers.


Fact 2: Cash is King

According to Brides Magazine, 35% of couples ask for cash or vouchers. 22% prefer a gift list or wedding registry. 19% are happy with a gift of the guest’s choice. 3% require a donation to charity. 19% ask for nothing. Our great range of guest information cards are the perfect place to put short notes or gift request poems. You can view our range by clicking here


Fact 3: Vein to your Heart?

According to Western tradition, the wedding ring and engagement ring are always worn the ring finger between the little finger and the middle finger. It was believed that a vein, known as the vena amoris or the vein of love, ran directly from the heart to the ring finger on the left hand. Following the discovery of the circulatory system, medical experts realised that the tradition was incorrect because all fingers have a similar vein structure, however, married couples from Britain and many other Western countries continue to wear their wedding ring on their left hand.


Fact 4: Unlucky Pearls

According to superstition it is said that Pearls should never be used in an engagement or wedding ring, or given as a gift to anyone for that matter. The reasoning behind this tradition is apparently due to the pearls shape which symbolises tears and are believed to bring great sadness. Brides are particularly cautioned against wearing pearls on their wedding day, as they bring tears to the marriage.


Fact 5: Time for Invites

Wedding invitations should be mailed at least 6-8 weeks prior to your big day, unless you are planning a destination wedding where you should give guests as much notice as possible so they can book flights and make arrangements. You can get a great range of stylish, affordable and personalised wedding invitations from, by clicking here. 


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