Our Top 5 Pre-Wedding Stress Busting Tips

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If you’re having a Summer wedding, no doubt by now everything is booked and organised, leaving you with an excited yet anxious countdown to the big day. In this week’s blog we’ve compiled some top tips on how to save your sanity and reduce any anxiety you may be feeling in the weeks running up to your wedding.


  1. Delegate!

Delegation is the key to a stress-free wedding day, you simply cannot (and should not) do everything by yourself whilst remaining calm on the approach to your wedding. Consider the strengths of each member of your bridal party and allocate any tasks accordingly for example, you may have a creative bridesmaid who could help you make your wedding favours or a strong future Brother in Law who’s willing to deliver your items to the reception venue.


  1. Guest Information Cards

Make sure you have provided your guests with comprehensive information on the running of your special day. This will ensure that everyone understands where to go, what gifts you would like and finer details including parking, accommodation and local taxi companies. Guest information cards are particularly useful if you have family and friends attending your wedding who aren’t from the area. You can check out our range of wedding information cards by clicking here.


  1. Free up your diary

Avoid being over-scheduled in the week running up to your wedding and eliminate all non-essential meetings and appointments. Ensure that all wedding items are all dropped off at your venue well in advance or task a member of your wedding party to take over this role for you. Wedding rehearsals, hen party’s, rehearsal dinners and family gatherings are best to be avoided to reduce a chaotic run up to your wedding.


  1. Try it all on

This may seem like common sense but it’s often something that most Brides (and Grooms) run out of time to do. Make sure you wear in your shoes, have a final check that your wedding dress fits and that all of your other accessories have been tried on the week before your big day.


  1. Be True to Yourself

One of the most important tips we can share to help you reduce stress on the approach (and on the day) of your wedding, is to be yourself. Do the things that make you feel happy and comfortable, whether that’s doing your own hair or makeup, wearing flat shoes or not following all of the traditional expectations throughout the day. There is nothing more beautiful than a bride who is relaxed and having fun.


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