Winter Wedding Guests – Styling Ideas

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A winter wedding offers entirely new design opportunities from a summer wedding – it’s completely different!  Our Winter Wedding Guests – Styling Ideas article details some ideas for planning your food, decorations, drinks and so on. Always think about the cold and wet weather and plan accordingly…


Welcome drinks

In summer, a glass of chilled fizz is definitely the order of the day. But at a winter wedding, do you really want your guests standing around in the cold drinking a cold drink? They would much prefer to sip a glass of warm mulled wine – a much more welcoming winter option.

Winter Wedding Guests - Styling Ideas

For the children in the party, you could serve warm apple juice or blackcurrant so they feel really grown up. Or you could serve hot chocolate in little cups and maybe have some as a non-alcoholic option for the adults. Add sprinkles of marshmallows, dollops of cream or chocolate flakes.

Winter Wedding Guests - Styling Ideas


Wrap up against the cold

Think about having winter rugs rolled up in baskets around your venue. If you don’t like the idea of baskets then old vintage suitcases would be a fun alternative. These could also act as your wedding favours for your guests to take home as a momento of your winter wedding day.

Winter Wedding Guests - Styling Ideas


Warm food is a must for a winter wedding

In winter, warm comfort good is the order of the day. If guests have been standing around in the cold there is nothing more comforting and relaxing than a nice hot meal to warm them up.

Think about soup starters with crunchy French bread. Soups are also perfect if you are keen to use seasonal foods from the local area.

Winter Wedding Guests - Styling Ideas

At the wedding breakfast itself, you could style your meal around ‘elegant school dinners’ like old classic favourite, cottage or shepherd’s pie or a delicious casserole served with dauphinoise potatoes.

Winter Wedding Guests - Styling Ideas

For dessert offer delights like sticky toffee pudding with custard or apple crumble. Talk to your caterer, tell them what you want to achieve with the food and listen to their suggestions.

Winter Wedding Guests - Styling Ideas


A Coffee Bar

Make sure there’s some coffee to hand as well, with flavoured syrups. Ask your venue to put the hot chocolate and coffee in insulated pots and you’ve got your own mini coffee bar!


Think about how you’d like to be welcomed at a winter wedding, from the moment you arrive until the time you leave. Use these ideas to inspire you to plan the perfect winter party!


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