Step-Parents Wedding Invitation Wording


Step-Parents Wedding invitation wording because it’s not uncommon for step-parents to play an integral role in hosting the wedding day instead of one of your biological parents.  If this is the case, there are a couple of options when it comes to the wording on your invitations.

If they are not married, but still regarded as a step-parent, you would use their separate names.   Wording on an invitation coming from your parent and step-parent should follow this protocol:

Mr & Mrs James Jones

request the pleasure of

{guest name / your company}

at the marriage of his/her** daughter


to Mr Jonathan Johnson






followed by a reception


RSVP by 15th May to {parent’s address)

** the use of his and her can be interchanged, dependent on whether it’s the father or mother hosting the wedding.

Should both sets of parents, together with respective step-parents be hosting, it’s better to start your invitations with “Together with their families