Traditional Church Ceremony Wording


Traditional Church Ceremony Wording

Even in today’s modern world, if you’re planning a traditional church wedding the day would be hosted (and paid for) by the bride’s parents.

The usual protocol is to personalise your invites, although it is also acceptable to take a more generic stance and handwrite the names of your guests at the top of the invitation card, therefore only needing to print a non-personalised set of invites.  You also need to include the location of the Wedding Reception, and an RSVP Card, which should be directed to the parents of the bride.

As a guide, the text for a traditional church wedding invitation, with a reception afterwards, should read:-

Mr & Mrs James Jones

request the pleasure of

{guest name} if personalising or {your company} if non-personalising

at the marriage of their daughter



Mr Jonathan Johnson






and afterwards at

{reception details}


RSVP by 15th May to {bride’s parents address}



Mr and Mrs Charles Canterbury
request the pleasure of the company of

James and India

on the occasion of the marriage
of their daughter

to Mr Robin Davis

on Saturday 17th June 2021 at 3 o’clock

at Chelsea Old Church
64 Cheyne Walk, London, SW3 5LT

and afterwards at
The Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair

27 The Crescent