Widowed Parents Wedding Invitation Wording

Planning a wedding can be an emotional time for everyone concerned, and a wedding invitation from a widowed parent can be delicate.   The general rule of thumb is that the invitation comes from the parent who is hosting the wedding, assuming they are alone or haven’t remarried.

If there is a new partner or spouse to take into account, and you’re happy to have both of their names on your invitations, use the Step Parents wording.    An invitation from the Bride’s father, if he has not remarried, would just use his name.  Should the surviving parent be the mother of the bride, and she had not remarried, you would use her married title.

Wedding invite from a widowed parent:

Mrs Jennifer Jones

request the pleasure of

{guest name} if personalising or {your company}

at the marriage of her daughter

Joanna Jones


Mr Jonathan Johnson






Followed by a reception


RSVP by 15th May to {parents address}