Wedding Invitation Wording Templates


Planning your wedding day is one of the most exciting, rewarding – and stressful – times you will ever experience.  Once you’ve set the date, visited countless venues, discussed colour schemes and themes, you’ll want to start thinking about sending out your wedding invitations.


To help you we have a range of wedding invitation wording templates which will offer you guidance on how to compose your invites.


With a myriad of options, not to mention the etiquette, it’s easy to trip up and leave off vital information without realising until it’s too late.  What’s obvious to you may not be so obvious to your guests.    Generally speaking, you should include the following on your invites.  It looks like a lot to fit in but with careful planning and design, everything is achievable.


  • Who is doing the inviting/hosting – you or your parents? Both sets of parents?
  • The invite itself
  • The names of the happy couple tying the knot (usually bride then groom, either way for same-sex marriages but generally alphabetical, ie Andrea & Zoe rather than Zoe & Andrea)
  • The wedding ceremony location
  • The date and time (is it an Evening Only invite? Make sure this is clear to the recipient)
  • Reception location, if different to the ceremony, together with start and finish times)
  • Dress code
  • RSVP details. What’s the RSVP deadline? Are you including an RSVP card?
  • Do you have a wedding website? If so, include the website address
  • (Optional) Gift list details – this may be on your wedding website


Depending on your family circumstances, there’s also the minefield of wording to negotiate.  To help you through the mire, we’ve produced a handy guide which hopefully covers pretty much all the connotations, from traditional to modern.  Nothing is caved in stone and everything can be adapted to suit your personality as a couple and fit with your theme.



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